Primair Out-of-Hours GP Services

Primair Out-of-Hours GP Services is a unique collaboration of nine out-of-hours GP clinics in Central Netherlands: Amersfoort, Barneveld, Blaricum, Houten, Leidsche Rijn, Nieuwegein, Utrecht, Woerden and Zeist. Together, these clinics provide emergency GP assistance for 1.5 million residents. This makes Primair Out-of-Hours GP Services one of the largest primary care facilities in the Netherlands.

Only for emergency care outside of office hours

The Out-of-Hours GP Service is only for emergency assistance in the evening, nights, the weekend and on official public holidays. You cannot simply turn up at an out-of-hours clinic. You always have to call first. This will ensure that you receive the help that you need as quickly as possible. During office hours you can contact your own general practitioner.

NB: Dutch is the official language both for the out-of-hours clinics and for this website!


What you can expect?

When you contact us, your call will be answered by a triage assistant. This assistant is trained to determine the severity of your symptoms and what needs to be done. This takes place in consultation with the on-call general practitioner.

There are three options:

1. Advice over the telephone. You will receive an explanation and self-care advice over the telephone (monitored by the general practitioner).
2. Consultation at the out-of-hours clinic. You will be given an appointment at the out-of-hours clinic. Here you will be examined by a general practitioner or a nurse (monitored by the general practitioner).
3. Consultation at your home (visit by the general practitioner). A visit is only possible if you are unable to come to the out-of-hours clinic for medical reasons.

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Locate your out-of-hours clinic

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Compliment or complaint?

Of course we would like to hear from you if you are satisfied with our service! Should you be unhappy about anything, it is also best to discuss it with us straight away at the out-of-hours clinic. You can also submit your complaint or compliment via the online response form >. You will be contacted by our complaints mediator. Again, the official language for this process is Dutch.